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August 29, 2008


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Nick B.

Beverly Hills, CA, has this diagonal pedestrian crossing feature.
Came across it several years ago down there.
Have to admit that I found it disconcerting as a pedestrian...decided against crossing diagonally, and went the normal way; straight, then right.

Personally, I think it's silly, unconventional, and is likely to cause injuries as drivers and the pedestrians struggle to make sense out of it.

And how much more does it cost to post guides at the intersection to teach people what to do when there is already a semaphore there and a common sense approach to crossing an intersection?


But they do use this [scramble intersection] system in Japan, and it seems to work there, where there's a lot more automotive and pedestrian congestion. Maybe THEY'RE the ones who are on to something...


Saskatoon had scramble corners downtown when I was attending university there in the 70's. As a motorist/cyclist/pedestrian I thought they were good idea. A quick search revealed the last scramble corners in Saskatoon were eliminated June 1, 1986. Maybe it's time to give them another chance.

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