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August 11, 2008


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Yep, this has been at my local Essos for a while now. Kind of annoying; especially hearing Cam Woolley talk about winter driving.

Bill Chan

How about something that makes sense, e.g. "Please, turn off the ignition while filling the tank." or "Please extinguish your cigarette while within spitting distance of the pumps." I cannot believe people are so ignorant of simple, common sense(?) details. I saw a passenger throw their butt out the window while the driver was refuelling...Darwinism at work?

Fred Cherney

Inaccurate Speedometers
I'm old enough to remember how excited we were to get our first electric clock because it was so accurate.
Now my VW dealer tells me a speedometer error of 7% is the norm and they cannot (or will not) correct this error.
Research shows this is quite common with Porsche, GM and other manufacturers. It seems few caught the errors until gps units became more common.
I was under the impression that things electronic were dead accurate. I'd hate to think how a computer would work with memory, processor or drives with 7% errors.
Isn't it about time we demanded better accuracy standards for speedometers?

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