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September 04, 2008


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Any word on whether they're bringing the Mazda2 over? You know, the Fiesta without all the Ford? Had heard a rumour that it was supposed to be here this month, but haven't heard anything lately.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Ryan:

In response to your query, I contacted Mazda Canada today. They have not made any announcement of whether the Mazda2 is coming here or not. But you would think if it made sense for Ford to bring the Fiesta here, it would equal or more sense for Mazda to do the same. We'll see - it may be production-constrained, because the car has been a huge hit in every market where it has been launched so far.

BTW, don't put down Ford! First, they learn a great deal from Mazda, which Ford says is the fastest company in the world now for developing new products - better than Toyota. Ford also helped that company survive some years ago. European Fords also have some of the best vehicle dynamics in the world, and in cars that are built to sell at quite low prices.

Let's hope the Yanks take to the Fiesta - more on Fiesta this weekend in Wheels.



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