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September 12, 2008


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It is funny how these past few weeks they have been telling us that the price of crude is not related to the current prices at the pump and thus we have not seen a drop per liter as the crude price has been dropping . But a shutdown of a few refineries have an instant effect on today prices. Which is it?

John Betmanis

Even more interesting is that gas prices in the U.S. didn't jump when ours did. Looks like Canada is on the fast track for getting the freshly brewed gas because we always pay top dollar, no questions asked.


LOL, it's so true. I'm glad there are still sensible people in the world!

You know what bothers me the most? That a company like Exxon can have record profits last year, and gas prices are so high! Would it hurt SO much to be a "nice" company and cut your prices by 10-15 cents and have the public look at you in a better way? That would surely make you sell even MORE gas!

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