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October 03, 2008


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I see the same morons your friend was commenting on every day, especially at the new chokepoint on the 401 eastbound collectors at the DVP bridge. "Not much" was being charitable with some, however, "greedy, pushing, pig-to-a-trough selfishness" would likely apply to the remainder.

If Julian Fantasio really wanted to make a difference in traffic safety, he would get off the demon radar-gun (they'll need a proper 12 step program for that) and pay more attention to lane discipline, signalling, and basic highway design.

The engineers that allowed for express to collector transfer lanes within a short distance of an exit had to have been on some serious hallucinogenics at the time, and should probably be sued on a class action basis.

The obvious result... take 401 eastbound collectors between Bayview and Leslie...

Traffic entering from Bayview on the right side, having to move left because the same lane disappears into the Leslie exit...

Two lanes of traffic merging into one on the left side at the transfer lanes...

A regular wave of idiots blithely trying to skip across 4 lanes to make the Leslie exit (a simple painted solid white line would solve this by forcing them to think ahead and get into the collectors earlier)...

Additional drooling mouth-breathers from the transfer lane heading less frantically but still across four lanes for the DVP/404 exit when they could have easily stayed in the express lanes and used the DVP/404 exit from there...

There is more, however, the above is sufficient to illustrate why this section of road is a special place that appears to draw an amazing amont of "special" people.

As an aside, the Gardiner/QEW combo commuters probably display the most discipled behaivior (less weaving, more patience) in the GTA, based on observation. Would the crash stats (% of vehicles) and movement stats (Avg speed, vehicles/hr, etc...) agree with the observation? If so, it would give some impetus to try to encourage the same behaivior across the GTA.

(The 404 is exactly the opposite... I avoid it if at all possible)

I hope OPP chief Julienne Fantasio reads your "Anniversary" story on the speed/racer issue and with any luck he will rise to the bait and ask for proper stats for rebuttal... that'll fix him.

Tom  in Toronto

I see the same nonsense everyday.

I leave the city and head west on the Gardiner to go north on the 427 and it seems to be the same parade of knuckle draggers waiting until the last possible second to push their way into the two lanes for the ramp.

Peeve 2 don't people EVER check their lighting system for function????

It seems that more then 50% of the vehicles on the road have one or more inoperative lights. It takes two minutes to check them. Maybe a few equipment tickets in a highly visible campaign might cull the herd.

GTA Traffic Sucks

With the recent stint of construction on the QEW as of late, I see this so often. This especially happens at night after about 11, when they have the flashing signal that the lane is ending. You see a sea of red lights, and people accelerate into the right lane and try to push their way back into the middle lane to gain a couple cars in front. Yes, they gain that little bit of length but they fail to realize doing this is just causing the rest of the backlog of cars to become even greater. Every time they push their way in, more cars stop and the line gets bigger. The end result is everyone takes longer to get home and just gets more upset.

What's even funnier is when they were doing the construction by Hurontario at night. The traffic was so slow that people ended up driving off the shoulder to get passed people. If you know hurontario exit at all, there is the big wall there on the right of the highway. Well one section was taken down for construction I would suppose. People who were getting antsy drove off the shoulder, through this taken down section and onto whatever service road that is there! No patience.

It just frustrates me as a driver who has to take even longer of a trip because of people just not driving the way they should. If instead of pushing to change lanes when a lane ends each driver allows one person through, I'm sure the flow would be slightly better.

By the way, the Time's up on `street racing' law article was great! Totally support you on that one.

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