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November 16, 2008


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Nick B.

Ah yes, the CAR magazine.

Indeed, it has seen better days, imo, with the likes of Ron Barker who praised a certain Renault model (or was it Citroen?) for having a special door slot perfectly sized for a 750ml wine bottle (he got into hot water over it for "promoting" drinking and driving), LJK Setright who occasionally submitted his articles to the publishers in Latin, and had opinions on most anything (and not always what you might have thought), Phil Llewellen, George Bishop, and many others whose names I have forgotten.

All great writers, and foremost automobile enthusiasts.

Mr. Barker, may God bless him, was a fanatical Alfa fan, and wrote many times about the models he owned; most drove him to despair and madness because they were always breaking down or in constant need of repair...LOL!!!
I can easily imagine him in Purgatory now fiddling with the Webers on his Giulia.

The old CAR magazine was THE Bible of all car magazines; they set the trend for others to follow, never held back an opinion on cars, often calling some utter rubbish or a waste of good metal, and praising some which you would think would be crap.

Their Good, Bad, and the Ugly review was classic; hilarious, biting, and true!

Glad you read the same, Mr. Kenzie.

Paul Bisschop

Jim, I've been reading your stuff from the beginning, it's probably the main reason I buy the Saturday Star.
GM is scratching it's head wondering why they can't sell vehicles. Now they're closing the truck plant that not long ago ran day and night. Please tell them to look in their own history books, and try hanging the Avalanche front sheet metal on their pick-ups. Did wonders for them last time. I know you're not a fan of the big SUVs and 'way too many bankers were driving pick-ups with no real need to. But a lot of them are still being used as real work vehicles, but does that mean we have to stare at that ugly, pseudo-macho face and ridiculously bulged wheel flares? Compare that with the simple, smooth-as-silk Avalanche front end and flanks. GM trucks always displayed this conservative restraint in the past, ignoring other makers' over the top trickery. Clearly, this is one time where breaking from the past was a mistake. Thanks, and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Paul

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