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November 09, 2008


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Mike T.

Jim, thanks for letting us know that Pat Moss passed away. What a driver she was. I became aware of cars in 1964 and she was driving my favorite rally car of the time - a two-stroke Saab. How I wanted one of those but as a first year auto apprentice it wasn't going to happen. I lived through her, sliding gracefully sideways, through rally-stage snow.


When I first learned to drive, in 1960, I lived not far from the Moss's. I never saw much of Stirling, but Pat was a common sight around our country lanes, usually driving a two-stroke Saab 95 at absolutely impossible speeds (no blanket speed limits in those days). She was a hero of mine, and I used to follow her rally successes with great enthusiasm. Thanks Jim for passing this information on - and amazing that it took a Canadian newspaper to publish her death.


I recall as a kid in Tanzania, East Africa ... Pat Moss was one of the best rally drivers and drove in many East African Safari rally and won in some. Check the video on youtube ....she and hubby won 2nd place in the 1964 rally ... Harambee!!


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