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December 13, 2008


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Crash Corrigan

I find this kind of thing really sad. We all played around with our cars when we were young, it was part and parcel of growing up and becoming an individual. In many ways this kind of cheap customizing was what turned us into the car enthusiasts we are today. I know that there are a few youngsters who take things a tad too far and create road monsters but come on now, if the police keep this kind of thing up we won't have any auto enthusiasts left in years to come. If the car industry thinks that it's suffering now, just wait until everyone is driving around in boring little green eco-boxes (because there'll be no point in owning anything else soon) and then see where we are.

What really bothers me however is that some of these cops probably did exactly the same kind of thing when they were young, and what was ok for them is now suddenly wrong. Give them a break I say, if they're not driving like idiots or causing accidents, leave them alone, they're just being youngsters and they're not hurting anyone!

PS. By the way, I'm a 48 year old fart who thankfully can still remember what it was like to be young!


Hey, Jim, I dunno about TTC busses, but blue has been the ID colour for snowplows for megayears. Just as yellow is supposed to be for tow trucks and, more recently, purple for funeral corteges.


Hate to break it to you Jim but you're wrong on this one. Section 14.1 reads to me as a solid blue light rather than the flashing light you see on snow plows. Not sure how the TTC gets away with the blue lights though.

Red and blue lights to the front restricted

(14.1) In addition to the lighting requirements in this Part, a police department vehicle may carry lamps that cast red and blue lights, but no other motor vehicle shall carry any lamp that casts red and blue lights to the front. 2007, c. 13, s. 17 (2).

Flashing blue light on snow-removal equipment

(31) No person shall, while operating a road service vehicle on a highway, plow, salt or de-ice the highway or apply chemicals or abrasives to the highway for snow or ice control unless the road service vehicle is equipped with a lamp producing intermittent flashes of blue light visible for a distance of 150 metres from all directions. 1996, c. 33, s. 11.

Restriction on use of flashing blue light

(32) No person shall operate a lamp that produces intermittent flashes of blue light on a highway except,

(a) a person operating a road service vehicle in the circumstances described in subsection (31); or

(b) a person operating a police department vehicle, together with a lamp that produces intermittent flashes of red light, as permitted by subsection (14.1). 2007, c. 13, s. 17 (8).

Jim Kenzie

Well, I wasn't TOTALLY wrong! The subsection I quoted did not allow for snowplows, but obviously others do.

Still doesn't explain why the TTC buses get away with it!

Oh, for accuracy's sake, I should mention that said young man's Accord has gone to that great automotive graveyard in the sky, and been replaced by a Subaru Impreza. Cops now probably think he's a street racer...

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