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December 17, 2008


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Ian Brown

Gislaved is the hometown of the company founders.

Jim Kenzie

Thanks for the info on Gislaveds! We have them on both the family Jetta wagon and my daughter's Corolla, and they work a treat.

mynalee johnstone

Whatever..... you get paid by the auto industry.
Auto ads have been journalists bread and butter,right.
The big 3 spent $25 Billion on advertising.

Jim Kenzie

None of that found its way to my bank account.

But I'm not sure what your comment has to do with this post?

aloha e

Jim, here's your smoking gun:
US DOT report confirms speed not major cause of accidents


Jim Kenzie

The key word here is "confirms" because this is not news to anyone who studies the numbers.

Ontario's own stats show every similar percentages.

Another interesting number I heard the other day. Haven't independently confirmed it yet, but according to a usually reliable source, in 2004, the last year apparently for which data is available, the TOTAL number of deaths on Ontario highways attributed to OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino's beloved 50-over the speed limit?

Go on, take a guess...
Naw, you're 'way too high.
The number?


That's ZEE-ROW.

As in, NONE. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

Pretty hard to come up with a percentage improvement on that statistic.

Jim Kenzie


Here's an easy one for you to guess at...

Nokian Tyres

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