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December 11, 2008


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Nick B.

Interesting point there; "...Ed Cole, was the engineer who developed the famed small-block Chevrolet V8 in the '50s, and rose to become president of General Motors in 1967...".

Ed Cole was the president of GM when it having one of its most fruitful times. He retired in 1974 just as the oil crisis began to take hold, when life became too complex, and when the lawmakers started foisting upon us impact absorbing bumpers and other stupid things.

I have an idea (hee hee...) how to ensure GM's Ford's and Chrysler's survival; put the engineers back at the helm!

I cannot think of one car company (maybe others can?) that was started by an accountant or a lawyer or a marketing executive AND is still thriving today. These individuals usually ruin a good idea when it comes to making a proper and satisfying automobile.
Colin Champan, Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, for example, had either engineering degrees or where mechanically gifted. None could probably balance the books nor could they make fancy sales brochures full of BS; they didn't have to, their cars sold on their own merit. Only when they either died or hired too many accountants did they get into trouble.

So, bring back the people who know how to make cars, I say.

Furthermore, when it comes to GM, kill Saturn, reduce Pontiac's production to a couple of Holdens only, get Chevy to make only passenger cars and have them reduce the number of models to only three, get GMC to make two-three trucks and SUV's for trade and farmers only, sell Buick to the Chinese, and bring over Opels as-they-are (no stupid re-badging or re-chroming) to North America.

Sell Cadillac as well or let them go on their own - they'll probably do well with models they have for years to come.

Be a good start, I say.


Is it not about time somebody puts together a list of the vehicles that are made in Canada and encourages Canadians to seriously consider this list when shopping for vehicles?

Jim Kenzie

RE: Canadian-built cars - the issue really is what percentage of the car is "built" in Canada. There are a number of ways this could be measured - by value, by hours of labour involved, etc.

I don't know this for a fact, but there's a chance that a car with final assembly in Mexico could have more "Canadian content" in it - measured however - than one assembled in Oshawa, because perhaps its engine and transmission were assembled here.

The rules of NAFTA do specify what percentage by value a car must have to qualify for duty-free status.

Let's just say it is a very complex - and global - issue.

Jim Kenzie

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