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January 21, 2009


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Alan Adams

This is not the first time there has been co-operation between Fiat and Chrysler, I remember back in the early 60's when Fiats were being sold through Chrysler dealers.

Kent Hotson

Hey, I had a Corvair for a first car. That was a great car. You are right, the Europeans have the small car thing worked out. This alliance would be a win for everybody.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Alan:

Really? I bought my (first) Fiat - I eventually had three of them - in 1962 (it was a 1960 model) and there were independent Fiat dealers at that time, at least in Toronto. "Ornstein British (sic) Motors", I think it was called.

Jim Kenzie

Mike T.

Back in '68 I worked at a BMC and Volvo dealership and they took on Fiat as well for a while. So Fiat must have been independent at that time. They didn't last much longer in Canada if I remember correctly. Maybe me working on them had something to do with that :o)
When did they stop selling in Canada?

Terry Fitz

Didn't we have a similar picture of you standing over our racing Mini in 1969?

Jim Kenzie

Hi Mike:

Well, I started writing about cars in 1977 (anybody else remember the Milton Weekly Tribune??) and I got press cars from Fiat, courtesy of a lovely PR woman named Barb Sheehan (anybody remember that name, or know where she is?) so Fiat was here at least up until then.

I don't recall doing any Fiat stories for The Star (started here in 1983) so I'm guessing it was probably around 1980, give or take.

Anyone have a definitive date?

Jim Kenzie

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