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January 29, 2009


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David White

I bet you meant WINTER TIRES?

Sam Brown

Hi Jim

The only thing that is on the skids over here is the car industry. The government aid package wasn't quite what the industry was looking for, but it has opened the door to the Honda F1 team to consider going forward with its begging bowl.

Mike T.

Our cars would all be in the wrecking yard and none of your stuff would matter Jim if it wasn't for the great radio stations telling us every time we get a bit of snow "The police, this morning, are advising everyone to drive according to the conditions!"

We owe the cops and the radio stations a big thank you.


Hi Sam:

Is that THE Sam Brown???

And by 'here' I presume you meant England? What sort of government aid is your industry getting over there? And I didn't hear about Honda looking for funds to keep their F1 team alive - I thought they were done like dinner...


Brian Williams

Switching off the car while the wipers are sweeping, so that they are parked higher on the windshield, is a bad idea. Once the car is restarted, they will automatically try to re-park themselves at the base of the windshield. If they are frozen to the glass, burnout of the wiper motors could occur if the owner does not free them quickly enough.
Raising them off the glass is the best idea, though I still see plenty of people parking them high and not raising them.

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