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February 12, 2009


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Stephen Chua

Hello Jim,

I've enjoyed your quips and quite eye opening opinions about the auto industry - from government programs, the industry but most of all on behalf of the consumer - like me.

Please continue with your video blogging. Believe it or not, Targa Newfoundland is on a lot of fans' radars.

You're very welcome to make some comments or even write in an article on our blog.

Thanks and keep it up.

Ed Kosloski

I like your comments on the Fit. What I have realized as I began to look into them is something that I didn't know existed to such an extent. The US version vs the CDN one. Not even just on the Fit but this one really gets me. We don't get, even if we want to pay for it: ESC, Traction control, Tire pressure monitoring and a nav system. Not even as an option. All of the safety ratings people are going on about had the ESC.

Driving here on Calgary in the winter with polished intersections and hot and cold playing havoc with tire pressure. Come on, really, not even as an option?


Hi Ed:

ESC will become standard across the board in 2011, both in the US and Canada. Some manufacturers and importers are getting a head start; others are trying to maintain a lower price point. And as you have seen, the various importers for various companies don't always agree as to what equipment to offer in their respective markets. To me, ESC, anti-whiplash headrests and ABS are the most critical safety systems; at least the Canadian Fit is two out of three.

But I too wish they'd include ESC.

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