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February 13, 2009


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Context, Jim, context. You should read up on Latin American politics before you dismiss Bolivia or Venezuela as places "not exactly sympatico with our socio-economic way of life."

I would argue that we have a great deal more in common with them now than we did under the neo-liberalist puppet-tyrannies they previously operated under, and would suggest that we afford these countries the respect they deserve as enlightened socialist democracies.


Hi Koschei:

Not to turn this into a political forum, but I have personally known people who have lived and worked in Venezuela and other Latin American countries (although even second-hand experience with Bolivia itself is lacking).

I just think we want to be very careful before we commit ourselves unconditionally to a resource which is under the control of a social-political system that doesn't always agree with our own.

We tried that - more than once, actually, but most notably with oil - and it hasn't always been a happy scene.

Jim Kenzie

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