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February 01, 2009


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Jon Vernon

Nice idea, but how-ever-many billion dollars divided by how-ever-many million Americans is... what... $1,000 or so? It's not exactly going to pay off the mortgage. Still, I can't argue that this makes less sense than giving it to the banks.


Interesting proposition, but in the real world:
Who is going to pay for the upgrades to the roads to handle the additional traffic? How about parking at both ends of the commute? Then there is the cost to the students (or parents) for insurance, gas, maintenance, parking... Every student would have to get a driver's license, and some people seem to think there should be higher minimum standards. How about the relative safety of the two possibilities? How is the relative environmental impact calculated both in terms of building and operating the transit system versus building thousands of cars and parking structures and operating even relatively fuel efficient vehicles? Only students are mentioned, what about the 10,000 faculty and staff?

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