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February 26, 2009


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John Betmanis

Yes, they have funny ways of dealing with "their own".

Funniest one I saw recently was the OPP constable charged with "street racing" where her cruiser was impounded. Duh!


Mike T.

This isn't much of a surprise Jim. There's still a bit of leniency around when it comes to DUI - the old "It cudda been me" syndrome. Then the cop/judge fraternity factor might have kicked in which isn't a surprise either.
But what WAS a surprise was the female cop who was recently charged under the (ahemm) "street racing" (ahem) law - 7-day suspension and her plain car impounded and all! I just can't see one cop charging another one over this. I wish we knew the whole story.

Copper Jack

What's the matter Jim...upset that the police are treated like everyone else in the Justice System. Have you seen what the public gets for the same? The officer actually got a higher penalty then joe q. public would have. As he should have since stopping the crime is his job. Out of curiosity, did you hear about the auto expert who crashed his car on a closed race circuit in a machine tuned specifically for racing??


Hi Copper Jack:

I'm upset when anybody gets away with such flagrantly bad behaviour - twice in a week - with such a lenient punishment.

As for "auto expert[s]" crashing in "machine[s] tuned specifically for racing" - it happens quite frequently. As in NASCAR, Formula One and, um, Targa Newfoundland. Not sure I see the connection between a drunk driver (cop or not) and someone crashing in a race car. In the latter case, everyone in the event knows what's going on, and are specially prepared and protected. Can't say the same for anyone who is unlucky enough to share the road with a drunk.


I have to agree with Jim here. Cops cover for cops and judges are lenient on cops. It is all because they are part of the "Us against Them" club, where they are the "Us" and the public is the "Them". It does happen and it sends very poor messages to the public, not the least of which is that drunk driving isn't really a serious offence. If it was, then everybody would be dealt with equally.

I know, they will whine that police work is very a difficult job. Newsflash: We all have difficult jobs. At least they still have a job. They chose their jobs and knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they did. Nice example to be setting for the public....hypocritical actually.

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