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March 30, 2009


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As far as I know, Hamilton picked up third and not Trulli. I'm just going by what F1.com says. I've yet to watch the race because Speed TV had a blackout in effect during BOTH times they had the live feed and the recording. I completely forgot that TSN had it on as well, and I should have recorded it there as they have less commercials. So I've yet to see it, and I'm downloading it online.

I have a question for you Jim, what is the reason behind "blackouts?" "There is a blackout in effect for your area." I call BS and a waste of programming...



Well, I AM a bit late getting to this one, aren't I?

Too much traveling...

Anyway, by now we all know that a Formula One race is never over until the Fat Men in the Conference Room have sung.

Hamilton WAS awarded third, based on, apparently, his own description of how Trulli passed under a yellow. THAT decision was subsequently overturned, Hamilton was censured for being, shall we say, somewhat economical with the truth, HE then said he only reported what he had been told to say - who needs Soap Operas when we have Formula One?

As for blackouts, the theory for 'live' sporting events has usually been you don't broadcast a geographically-nearby event for fear of killing the live gate.

Hard to see how that applies to a North American black-out of a race in Australia.

There must be some sort of broadcasting rights issue, probably compounded by different deals having been made by the Speed Channel in the US and TSN up here.

As they say, "check your local listings".

Jim Kenzie

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