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March 20, 2009


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David White

How about VERY sceptical!
Try Consumer Reports for factual reporting.

Jim Kenzie

Hello David:

Consumers Reports has their own methodological issues.

They once commented that if you put a particular car into a corner and took your hands off the wheel, it went out of control!

Um, yeah...

You know that better than anyone!

Their statistical data also once indicated that the paint on a certain model of car with the V6 engine was 'below average', while the paint on the same car, painted by the same people in the same factory but equipped with the V8 engine, was 'above average'. What; did the extra speed from the bigger engine keep the paint plastered more tightly to the body??

As I understand it, CR's statistical data is volunteered by members of the organization. Powers's is at least more randomly distributed.

I also believe that CR's data spans a longer time frame, and may not as accurately reflect what you might buy NOW, as opposed to what you could have bought four or five years ago.

Finally, I don't know that CR and Power disagree all that much.

In any event, both reports consist of data, statistics. They are NOT reality, just one representation of reality. I know people who have had lousy Toyotas and perfect Fiats...

Brian Williams

I had a lousy Honda Civic Si and a perfect Dodge Omni...

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