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March 13, 2009


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John Frewen-Lord

Doing all that AND flying an aircraft solo at the same time? As you have said Jim many times in the past, driving is a full time job. I would have thought flying (especially in Canada's busiest airspace) even more so. Hope he doesn't bring down an A380 while reporting on an accident south of Pearson.....


Hi John:

He is an absolute master at multi-tasking...

Mike T.

Jim, you ask "Wonder why the pixelboard signs don't seem to have the same effect?"

It's probably because all the young people are concentrating on "electronic devices as cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, etc" and the old people are juggling a Timmie's and whether their mutuals are ever going to be worth anything again.

John Betmanis

Jim, you already know the reason people pay no attention to the pixelboard signs; the information is not real-time, it's out-of-date. I make a game out of second guessing those signs and most of the time I'm right.

Joe U

Regarding your topic of the Pixel board use ...

2 years ago I was driving east-bound on the 401, a bit before the express / collector splits, in the summer, about 1 hour before sunset ( so, billboards were illuminated by the largest spotlight in the solar system, but still quite readable. )

At this particular time, the boards were announcing that traffic ahead was stopped, so when I had to come to a full stop about 700 meters further on, I wasn't actually surprised.

This was in direct contrast to at least two of the drivers immediately behind me, who created an 8-car, chain-reaction accident, which unfortunately included me.

Ironically one of the at-fault drivers was driving a Volvo, demonstrating that the most important piece of safety equipment is biological, not mechanical.


Mr. Dahmer has already been involved in a mid-air collision while doing his daily rounds. When I was in flight school, we were warned over and over about that guy, then the collision happened (thankfully everyone made it down OK).



As I understand it, Mr. Dahmer was totally exonerated by the investigation into that collision.

Jim Kenzie


The major difference is you made it down and able to continue with your life. What happens with those that are not in control and lose the essence of their own lives ATTRIBUTED TO OTHERS IN CONTROL. Truly a shame for those considered to be in control, Don't you think, or do you.I'm ashamed to think I'd be in the latter portion, but unforntunately those are the facts that would be most prevalant, were I in that situation.Living is better than dying, and unless you've had loved ones die, you have no prespective whatsoever. I personally lost my youngest son without any prior knowledge and he was my personal favourite amongst my three son's. That does not in any way negate my love for the other two in any way, he was the most controversial of them all and pushed my buttons daily to affirm my love for him.

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