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April 18, 2009


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Nick B.

Now, if they could only "pilot project" speed limits on 400 highways.
Like maybe, raise them to 160km/h (knowing fully well most drive at 130 anyways). At least setting them a bit higher than the speed most people drive, word "maximum" would have a proper meaning.

...not holding my breath.

John Frewen-Lord

Jim: You talked just a couple of weeks ago about proposals regarding adding speed limits to large trucks. I said then, limiting the speed of large (articulated) trucks was a good idea, as a tractor trailer has two parts - the tractor, which, in an accident situation, can be controlled (and controlled well by an experienced driver); and a trailer, which by definition, cannot be controlled once its wheels lose traction, no matter how good the driver. ONE trailer is bad enough in the congested highways in and around Toronto. TWO trailers is surely a (very large) accident waiting to happen. For once, pure economics must give way to some common sense and a view of the big picture.

David White

Just wait until the snow falls!

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