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April 28, 2009


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Hey Jim what do you think of Chrysler effectively breaking the CAW & their pattern bargaining? Should GM be able to go back to the CAW now & demand the same deal that Chrysler got?


Hi ddonohue:

As today's post indicates, the scene is changing so rapidly it's hard for anyone to keep up.

I have long been on record that the union workers made a deal, and due to a variety of circumstances essentially beyond anyone's ability (or willingness) to control, that deal has been abrogated.

But it seems those people who had their lives nicely planned around a financially secure retirement (I screw fenders onto Chevvies or Dodges for 30 years; you put titanium hips into me and my children for life) now have those plans in tatters.

Those who did NOT make that deal - like me - really have nothing to complain about. I wouldn't have screwed fenders onto Chevvies OR Dodges for thirty days. Heck, I turned down not one but TWO chances at a multi-million dollar pension plan so I could write about cars!

But neither the general public nor the various governments (who caused the problem in the first place) seem to share my sympathy, and it looks like everything is now on (or, more to the point, off) the table.

Whatever happens, it isn't going to be pretty.


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