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April 23, 2009


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Not to worry Jim I'm sure you'll be fine when the Star asks the government for a bailout. Seems like everybody else is so I assume the newspapers will be next.

Mike T.

One of our cats is named Sebastian but the only driving he does is when he drives the other cat Ralphie off the choice spot on the couch.


I agree 100% that Seb Loeb is the best race driver in the world. Although he might not be in the WRC much longer.


Hi "dd":

Not likely!

Not THIS newspaper, not THIS government.

Besides, it would never extend to the lowly freelancers anyway.

Jim Kenzie


Hi Steve:

OK - what do you know (about M. Loeb) that the rest of us ought to learn?

Jim Kenzie


A little while ago Loeb expressed displeasure at the new WRC rules that are coming for 2011 and his contract ends at the end of 2009.



At the rate that WRC is decreasing in size it's a wonder there are still star drivers like Seb Loeb in it. I mean it's a Citroen/Ford race now. I miss the Subaru vs Mitsubishi vs Ford vs Toyota vs Peugeot vs Citroen vs Skoda vs Seat etc etc etc days.

We need more car companies campaigning. Suzuki with the Swift or SX4, Kia with the Forte or whatever they call their car. Hyundai with a AWD Genesis or Elantra or something.

Only racing series that is decent now is Rolex Cup, LeMans, ALMS, SCCA is ok, and FIA GT. Barely any of these are broadcasted here. =(

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