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May 09, 2009


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You are absolutely correct on this one Jim. So many drivers these days lack the proper driving skills that they should have. I believe this is due to inadequate driving schools and training, and improper lenient road test. I know so many people who do their G licence examinations in tiny little outskirt towns. Well, the test and skills required there don't compare to what you need in Toronto. With a huge population, multi-lane roads, high-speed freeways, and lots of distractions like billboards, lights, sounds, and of course, the evil "Cell Phone" talker, it's a wonder our collision and mortality rates are not higher.

I think a lot of people also lack logic. If you can't see someone, expect no one to be able to see you as well. Like I said, I am a motorbike rider, and it's rule #1 to survive. Assume no one can see you, and do whatever (legal) you can do be seen, and in the case of driving in the dark, or bad weather of any sorts, lights ON!

The other issue here is a lot of car manufactures now offer automated light systems with light level sensors. Quite often these sensors are not calibrated properly as they are only designed to sense light levels in darkness. Sometimes it can be pretty bright out and it is pouring rain or snowing. If I ever get a position as a product planner in an automotive company, I am going to propose this solution. A sensor and some lines of programming is not going to cost the company and arm and leg, and it would be great to legislate systems like this in all cars, unless oblivious drivers start to realize that they are missing more than 1/2 the rules in the drivers handbook.

As for lanes, I agree as most. If you do not intend to pass, then move on over right to the lane that suits your cruising speed. Also, 4 abreast is unsafe as it's not staggered and there is no room for emergency maneuvers. *sigh*. These are basic things, and even Young Drivers of Canada teaches this.

Maybe all these new cars have to be less safe. Less airbags...etc. Less luxuries. Hey, just solves the fuel efficiency issue as well. Make a light car, with less weight from airbags and unnecessary luxuries. Use a small displacement engine, manual transmission...and tadaaa!! min 35 mpg, max 50 mpg cars...even in Gasoline form. Or better yet...Diesel!

Sorry for the ranting, but I have so much on my mind that our transportation methods need to be refined and changed.



Hi (again) Rick:

Apart from the motorcycle thing - as I have always said, in a three-dimensional world two wheels is at least one too few... - we agree on almost everything here.

Young Drivers does indeed teach a lot of good stuff, which is why all four of my kids went through their program. If only we could get them to teach proper side-view mirror adjustment!

But what do you mean I am absolutely correct on "THIS" one?!?



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