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May 02, 2009


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Phil Bailey

Saturn wasn't that good when it started out. You're old enough to remember the 1500 or so they had to crush before they could even ship any to the public. The engines were noisy and failed frequently. Try finding a good used engine for a Saturn right now. There aren't any, they've all exploded. Transmissions were weak and the driving experience - wasn't. Only when they went German did Saturn begin to look like it might actually compete. Good riddance to bad rubbish say I.

Third Concession

RE GM zapping the Vibe along with all of Pontiac, even in extremis they just don't get it, eh? (Hmmm. Maybe buyers prefer to buy the same car from Toyota?) I'm told I'm a niche market, but how niche is it, anyway, to be in my 70's with a dog which I insist, for safety reasons, on crating in a vehicle, and enjoy 4-wheel drive to get down the driveway in winter? (Remember when Ford redesigned the Taurus so a bag of golf clubs wouldn't fit in the trunk, and neither would the Mary Kay boxes, and even with the first Taurus it was really, really hard to put a canoe on top.)


Hi Phil:

Welcome to my blog!

I have always wondered if the Saturn guys knew from the start they had dog cars, and realizng they needed SOMETHING to make the brand fly, went with the customer service thing. A shame all around, because that they DID do well.

And again, a double shame GM didn't apply some of those lessons to their other brands.


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