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June 11, 2009


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Mike T.

My first reaction to this picture was "Look at that moron without headlights on that cloudy day when all the others have them on". Then I thought "Hmmm, maybe he's the only one who shut off his engine" from what appears to be a few minutes of fuel-wasting, emission-spewing idling. Give that person a gold star.


Hey Mike:

Sharp eyes!

That looks to be a late-model Honda Accord or Nissan Altima coupe (hard to tell with the resolution - could be a BMW 6-Series!) any of which would at least have Daytime Running Lights, so let's give the driver the benefit of the doubt and assume the car is switched off.

Of course it could be a US car - again, hard to see the plate. Wish I had one of those CSI computers which can magically turn a blurry surveillance video into High-Def at the touch of a mouse...

Jim Kenzie

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