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July 04, 2009


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Mike T.

Jim, you're SO glad you're a tele-commuter (if I was a commuter I'd be a one 'U' commuter :o) and I'm SO glad I don't live any closer than 80 minutes to Toronto, haven't had the pleasure of parking in its traffic for years and the last three times I passed through Toronto I was reading a magazine with my feet up in a train. My city takes me 5 minutes to drive north to south. Ahhhh!

Jon Vernon

I was driving in the opposite direction of the massive jam on July 4th. A quick check of the MTO Compass site before I left showed a collision and a minor slow-down east-bound. By the time I got there a half hour later, traffic west-bound was backed up on the 401 west approaching Yonge from people ogling the pretty flashing lights. Traffic east-bound was dead-stopped - collectors AND express - all the way from Yonge to the 410 where I exited. 25km of parking lot. Absolutely astounding.


Hi Mike:

Lucky you!

Where exactly are you lucky enough / clever enough to live?

And sorry about 'commuuter' - I CAN spell; I just can't type.

Among the beauties of the blog - I can fix stuff like that.


Mike T.

"Where exactly are you lucky enough / clever enough to live?"
Woodstock Jim. And on a good day I can make it N to S through the 9 stoplights to the Home Depot in about 5 minutes. But, thanks to the new Toyota plant and all its spinoffs, we're quickly becoming another Big City. Oh joy.

Anthony van Osch

And is it too much to ask that when there is a road-closing accident ahead the police send a car back to the last one or two exits before the scene to direct traffic onto an alternate route? Here it B.C. this never happens. Another favourite trick of police in B.C. is to have speed-traps set up at rush hour, creating huge tail-backs as it causes drivers to either slow down abruptly, gradually or not at all (depending on personality) and all at the same time which creates a very unhealthy situation.


Hi Anthony:

The Ontario Provincial Police will set up a car ahead of the crash if it is serious enough to close the road, but I guess their initial focus has to (rightly) be on the incident itself.

Do you have the overhead pixelboard signs warning of road/lane closures? You cannot always rely on them - I know some contrarians who awlasy do exactly the opposite of what the signs sugegst because they figure everyone else will obey them!

But they have saved my bacon dozens of times.

Rush hour radar traps are trebly silly because traffic usually isn't moving that fast anyway, and the lane blockages caused by pulling people over compounds the problem.

If there is a big enough shoulder that cop and perp can get off the travelled portion of the road, then the rubber-neckers accomplish the same thing.

Everyone - police, drivers - has to bear in mind that the main objective is to get everyone home as quickly and safely as possible. Nicking some poor sot for five or ten over and blocking the road in the process is counter-productive, in my view.

Jim Kenzie

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