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July 10, 2009


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Tony Robertson

What's with daytime running lights? Last night I was behind two different vehicles who didn't have tail lights, because they just had their DRL's on. When I yelled out the window to the one guy at a stoplight, I could tell he had no idea where the light switch was, because he kept looking around his dash for the switch. I drove on.
A couple of hours later I followed yet another car on Adelaide, same thing, no rear lights.
So I flashed my high beams at her a couple of times to get her to maybe think about her lights, then pulled alongside and beeped my horn several times, so I could get her attention and get her to put her lights on. She wouldn't even look over at me. Either scared, or had the music too loud to hear my horn. Why don't they just have all lights on at all times when the key is turned on. (and back off again when the key is removed.) Thanks for listening to my rant.

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