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July 29, 2009


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Jim you need to campaign for the 500 to come here to Canada, Sergio must know who you are :) I would love to see these on our roads and would considering getting one for myself!!


If we could get the Fiat 500 here someday, hopefully the 500 Abarth could happen as well. Just saw the review on Top Gear. Now *that* would be fun.

For those who don't know, Abarth is to Fiat what AMG is to Mercedes.


I heard that autorepair shop Polmozbit in Brampton has one 126 registered in Ontario.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Emro:

I tried to get an interview with Sergio once but was unsuccessful. Maybe he DOES know me...

But consider the "Bring the 500 to Canada" campaign to have begun!

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Amen to that, brother...

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Hi Wladek:

I hope to hear from them!

Jim Kenzie


There is a small cottage industry of people importing old 500s and other old cars (Lancia Deltas, Innocentis) from Italy, so I imagine the 126 got here by the same route. Once a car is no longer registered to anyone in Italy and is taken off the road, it cannot be put back 'into circulation', so they get snapped up and privately imported here.


I love Fiat!

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