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July 18, 2009


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I like it. It's a good idea. As for availability, I am pretty sure you can get one now. There is a white one on the lot at Edwards Ford Sales in Kingston, ON. The Ford Canada website lists the base MSRP at $26,799.


What's silly about the name?

Ford's been using the Transit name for over 40 years and this is just a new, smaller variation of the current Transit (albeit on a different platform).

I would like to see this replacing all the oversized, mostly empty vans in urban areas, especially step vans.

John Frewen-Lord

The Transit Connect is very popular in the UK and Europe, and is in fact the smaller brother to the full size Transit van. The full size Transit is utterly ubiquitous, and unique in that you can order it in either front wheel or rear wheel drive (and Ford claims that they can convert an already built van from one to the other in under an hour). The Transit name has been around since the early 60s (it was Ford's first 'world' vehicle, built in both UK and Germany). Today Transits come in so many variants - vans in loads of sizes, minibuses, small trucks (larger than a pick-up, smaller than a full size truck), etc - that I wonder why Ford doesn't build it in North America?


Hi Larry:

Yes, I am familiar with the Transit part of it. Makes it sound like a subway system, but never mind.

It's the "Connect" part I don't get.

Still, as you imply, a rose by any other name. Replacing those big vans is precisely what this new truck is all about, and I hope it does well.


Hi John:

When American auto workers earn less than Turkish auto workers, maybe they will!

Dodge does do some local final assembly on the Sprinter; if Transit Connect succeeds and if the cost of shipping completed vehicles across an ocean keeps rising due to the same higher oil prices which might, um, fuel that success, that might work in local assembly's favour.

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