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July 27, 2009


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This government has now successfully pegged both ends of the scale. On the one hand Ontario is saddled with the 'Stunt Driving' debacle that effectively suspends our rights as Canadians at a Police Officer's discretion for not just speeding, but an incredibly wide range of vehicular action.

The above legislation was intended to address Street Racing. A tiny fraction of the driving population.

The result was a frightening abuse, orchestrated by Chief Fantino, generating millions in revenue and failing to eradicate said Street Racers.

Insurance companies are loving it. Tow companies can't stop grinning. Citizens, well apparently the mob does rule because the feeling seems to be this is making our roads so very much safer.

On the other extreme we have utterly lame legislation that is intended to impact 70-80% of the driving population using electronic devices and driving.

Modern business demands connectivity. Not suggests, but demands and if hands-free gets around the law then Bluetooth here we come. The alternative is to find another job.

One law, (or rather a massive series of laws disguised as one law), that is almost totalitarian in its structure. Having a very limited result to the intended issue, but having the unintended result of phenomenal revenue generation.

Versus a law with a real, wide ranging driving issue shown to be worse than impaired driving, but with no teeth. Once folks adapt and go Hands-free it will be a very difficult thing to enforce and have little to no revenue generation.

There's no logic in it. It's all politics and, so far, the Liberals seem to be coming out Roses. I don't get, I just live here.


Kind of like the smoking in the car law... Hard to enforce. The police most likely aren't going to pull you over for violating that law on its own, either. However if they get you for something else, or you cause an accident, its just one more thing they'll hit you with.

Per LLf's comment, if we were to ban the use of cell-phones or whatever entirely, how would you really enforce it? "Gee officer, my lips were moving because I was singing along with the radio."

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