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July 25, 2009


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Well, then, what is your suggestion? How did this column get into the paper without being finished?

Mike T.

Jim, you'll probably agree that politicians doing nothing constructive outside off "feel-good" legislation is normal for them. The general public, knowing nothing about the real issues, nod their heads like those dogs we used to have in our rear windows. The gun "control" legislation is the finest example of this "it's too hard to fix the real problem so we'll make it look like we're doing something" mentality. We deserve MUCH better but we're not about to get it any time soon.


Hi Janet:

Geez; I point out their errors, and now I gotta FIX them too?!?

I don't get paid anywhere near what they get paid!

Nonetheless, I've been telling them what to do for 25 years, mainly, to focus on stuff that matters:

- stricter seat belt legislation enforcement
- even stiffer impaired driving enforcement
- fix highway lane markings to reduce left-lane banditry
- more cruisers on the road, and fewer in courthouse parking lots prosecuting meaningless speed limit infractions

Keep reading; we'll dole more out as we go.

Jim Kenzie


Hi Mike:

Well, I'll argue with you on the gun control issue.

Guns are DESIGNED and INTENDED to kill things; cars are not. Stands to reason we should expect guns to be 'registered' at least to the same degree that cars are, and that's all the gun control legislation does.

As Freddie Mercury sang so eloquently, "People are killed by people; people with GUNS."

Jim Kenzie



I absolutely agree with your outspoken disapproval of Canada's mobile phone ban. It's a bunch of pants. Utter nonsense! Rather, I've agreed with your thoughts on mobile phone usage while driving for as far back as I have been a viewer. You've been preaching this for many years (as far back as when you still had your Wendel Clark-inspired mustache) and the logic has always remained the same, as you put it: it's not the loss of dexterity, it's the mental disengagement. Today, the issue is worsened further with the viral popularity of text messaging.

In your reply to "Two Down...", you kindly shared a story of a driving disaster, so I thought I'd return the favour. Today I was driving back from my lunch break, just beginning to merge into the designated right-turn lane. A lady in a new Chevy/Daewoo/Pontiac Aveo to my forward left suddenly sailed across three lanes into my right-turn lane and cut me off. I hit my brakes (carrying a very heavy load in the boot, so my car *really* squatted!) and thought it was just a typical case of misdirection. The light was red, with no cross-traffic for at least 300 metres, but the woman sat there staring forward in that right-turn lane with no turn signals. Miffed, I honked my horn about 15 seconds later. The lady looked up, jolted forward and raced away, while I was met with a barrage of endless cross-traffic. I had immediately realized that she had decided to cut me off and park in the right-turn lane in front of me to compose an email message on her smart phone. Brilliant!


I've got an idea, how about we start treating driving in this province as a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT, and start EDUCATING people PROPERLY. Driving schools these days are terrible (not to mention that the requirements are GRAVELY INSUFFICIENT) and people that come straight out of them to driving on our roads are not equipped with the tools to handle the stress of driving in this large city.

There is more, but that is enough, for now.

Mike T.

Jim you fell into the trap. Like all others who think that gun "control" is any use, you assume that all criminals are law-abiding enough to register their guns.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Dan:

All good, except (a) the horror story, (b) the up-coming hand-held cell phone ban isn't "Canada's", but an Ontario initiative, although some other provinces have similar legislation, and (c) I think Wendel got the mustache idea from me...

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Hi Dario:

How RIGHT you are.

I had always learned that (right not privelege) when I got my licence; we seem to have lost sight of that.

We'll take more of that sort of comment whenever you're ready!

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Hi Mike:

We probably should debate this in another forum.

But to continue to relate it to cars, guns should surely be subject to the same sort of registration requirements that cars are.

And for at least one of the same reasons - failure to register is by definition illegal; if you can't get the guy for anything else, you have him for that. Just like they could only get Al Capone for tax evasion.

Jim Kenzie

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