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July 19, 2009


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I also notice the lack of colour in the cars. Except for the one blue one, the rest are shades between black and white. Another German thing?

As for the real subject of the blog, before I had my Dakota, I never noticed how much easier it is to maneuver in reverse.

Having said that, in a lot of the more popular malls (i.e. Square One Mississauga), it's the same problems your reader mentioned. Like that Seinfeld episode, signal or no, if you drive past a spot to try and back in, someone else will take it. Sometimes I'll just look for a "drive-through" spot further away from the door. The walk is good for me, anyway.


Did anyone also happen to notice that they are ALL some shade of grey! Is this also a corporate requirement?

R. de Zoete

About 18 years ago I was backing out of my driveway in my then one year old Dodge van. I looked to ensure the road was clear as I live one house in from the corner and then I started to slowly back out onto our usually quiet residential street checking the mirrors as I proceeded. When I was about 3/4 of the way out a lady came flying around the corner at break neck speed and slammed into my rear bumper. Fortunately my van has a solid steel bumper and only suffered a slight buckle that is barely visible. The lady's car also only suffered minor damage. We both concluded that we were equally responsible for the minor accident and parted ways with no further interaction.

Since that day I always back into my driveway so as to be able to drive out forward.

Sean Nakoneczny

Another observation. Don't see any domestic manufactured vehicles either......


Backing in is the only way to go


Hi Brian:

Yes, a drive-through (or pull-through) spot is always the best option if it is available.

But I don't understand why everyone else seems to have trouble fighting off contenders for parking spaces. I never do. You don't suppose it's because I'm usually driving someone else's car?


You just have to be a bit assertive yourself.

dean b

Quit telling me how to drive. It gets quiet tiresome.

dean b

Censorship FTW


Obviously Jim never does the grocery shopping.

If you back into a parking spot to do your grocery shopping you'll have to leave your shopping cart unattended as you load up your trunk. Hopefully that cart doesn't roll away and cause any damage.

Jim Kenzie

Hey Dean:

Just trying to give some friendly (not to mention free) advice based on the opinions of the top driving instructors in the world.

If it gets 'quiet' tiresome, there are other blogs...


Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Excuse me???

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie

Hi Alan:

Jim shops all the time!

Your cart could just as easily roll away if you drive in forward. It depends on the slope of the parking lot.

And you're likely to do a lot more damage with your car backing out than with a shopping cart backing out!

Jim Kenzie

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