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August 01, 2009


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Most GM's come with automatic headlights such as the Buick you mentioned. My '03 Grand AM (when I didn't modify yet to Bi-xenon HID), when DRL was on (headlight setting on "Auto", as there is no "off" for headlights) the dash lights are off. When you turn the parking lights or low beams on, the dashboard lights turn on.

I can't stand these people who can't turn on the headlights (even better when the car is black and it's night).

In Toronto, in the 11 years of driving, I've noticed it's usually Corollas, Camrys who only drive with parking lights at night. Are they trying to save their light bulbs?? That is being penny-wise, pound-foolish when it comes to safety for yourself and everybody else.

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