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August 08, 2009


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I would have to agree with everything said in this article completely. Stop lights are dangerous and inefficient. Roundabouts are much safer AND much more efficient. What about this is so hard to understand?

More roundabouts and less stop lights PLEASE.

That is all.

jim kenzie

Hi Dario:

Too bad you don't work for Halton Region.

Jim Kenzie

John B

I was talking to a friend from Toronto today and he tells me the traffic lights there and now deliberately un-synchronized. And we all know that new traffic lights are the result of pressure groups, not traffic engineering.

As for "roundabouts" as you like to call them (I like traffic circles, because all the roundabouts I've seen have signs saying KEEP LEFT where you enter them), I don't believe North American drivers are required to have sufficient skills to negotiate them. It's like lane discipline. In my neck of the woods (Southwestern Ontario) the mere mention of putting in a traffic circle gets people up in arms.


Good point. Out of curiosity, do you know how many roundabouts exist in Toronto...?? I'm scratching my head trying to think of one - perhaps I haven't driven in that area before?


Hi Jim,

Just read your post on roundabouts. Prince Edward County finally put one in at Hwy 33 and County Road 1 at the outskirts of Picton. What was a tough road to get onto (Turning right or left onto 33) is now an easy to navigate and MUCH safer intersection...without any need for lights.

My vote for more roundabouts too...and think about the electricity and maintenance savings - no equipment to deal with!

Jim Kenzie

Hi John:

Roundabout or traffic circle - I'll gladly accept either!

And the success of the concept in Waterloo Region and elsewhere in North America suggests that we CAN in fact handle them!


Dario "DjDATZ" Zgrablic

I think the biggest and best point for argument is #3. Stopping and accelerating your car is a waste of energy, and is unnecessary if it can be avoided! Also, stopping presents a high chance of being rear-ended while only slowing down to obey a yield sign is much SAFER!

My other beef with traffic lights is that they AREN'T SYNCHRONIZED. If they were, traffic could move normally, there would be less traffic jams, which results in less stop and go traffic (remember the stopping thing I JUST said?), which means people are less frustrated/stressed (better overall health in their lifetime) AND LESS ROAD RAGE because people are p***ed off that their life is wasting away in traffic!

You think the government of Ontario might let me run as Minister of Transportation? I'm down for a complete overhaul of the HTA and all driving regulations in Ontario. (Including some of the idiotic criteria in the graded licensing system like optional driving school and the tiny requirements for learning how to drive.)

Oh and as John mentioned... Roundabouts NEED NO POWER nor maintenance!!

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