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August 07, 2009


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Sean McConnell

Well, duh! Clearly there must have been 4 people stunting that day.

Greg H

Funny, my Dad gave me the same advice about living east of where you work, which in the Vancouver area is easy.

Regarding the mirrors, that might be part of the problem, especially if the sun is reflecting on the side mirrors into the driver's eyes. Perhaps to compensate, some drivers adjust their side mirrors (easy in today's power mirror cars) so that they effectively can't see anything beside/behind them.

But my own theory is that the sun shining on the rear of the car ahead obscures the brake lights, so that the following car is unaware that the person in front is braking. It tends to appear that the brake lights are on all the time, so the tailing person probably gets complacent and isn't really paying attention.

Or maybe those four people were just talking on their cell phones...

jim kenzie

Hi Greg:

I'd make some smart-ass comment about sun and Vancouver, except I have a sister-in-law in B.C. and they're right across Lake Okanagan from where the weather has been so sunny and hot that big chunks of the province are burning up...

The brake lights theory is a good one.

As, sadly, is the one about the cell phones. If that were the case, I guess we'd just have to chalk up the four-back-to-the-sun as coincidence.

Jim Kenzie

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