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September 09, 2009


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John B

I'm convinced that the reason the OPP switched back from the friendly looking white cruisers to the black & whites was to strike fear into the hearts of motorists. They're just that much more menacing.

As for the lane thing, I notice that the OPP refer to the left lane as "lane one" and number them left to right. Interesting...

Greg H

Think beige Tahoes are bad? Here in Vancouver, the RCMP use almost any vehicle unmarked for road patrol. Probably the oddest is either a beige Ford Ranger or a red Chevy minivan. Not your typical cop cars.

About the left-lane bandits, I like your idea, but as a more practical alternative, what if the police just went on a blitz for a weekend (or whatever) where they just pulled over random cars that weren't in the right lane and obviously weren't passing. No tickets, just a friendly advisory that left-lane banditry is a no-no. I'll bet most folks that are stopped aren't even aware...

Dario "DjDATZ" Zgrablic

Yes, you can dream Jim. But it'll never happen. Sadly.

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