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September 10, 2009


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Good thing gasoline and hydrogen aren't the least bit flammable.


Hi Jim: I was sorry to read about the dilemma your daughter found herself in recently, due to a fire in her home caused by an, obviously faulty, laptop computer battery catching fire :-( I was, though, very happy no one seemed to have been hurt which, easily, could have been the case in different circumstances, say, the fire taking place (1) when everyone, including her tenant, were asleep and did NOT awaken in time to escape from the home (2) during a time when no one was at home. Knowing your penchant for all things being "SAFE", I am pretty sure your daughter lives in a home which includes the appropriate smoke detectors and fire alarms installed throughout, the latter probably effected by HER GOOD OL' DAD!!


I share your skepticism to a degree, but gasoline is much more flammable and explosive than any battery I've every used. Automakers manage to prevent cars from overheating and exploding even with a whole tank of gas and controlled explosions in the engine.

John Beens

Jim I sooo agree with you. It is small diesels we need. I am bying a Kia Soul but I cannot get the Kia with the diesel as in Europe. Pity.
Keep up the good work. Signed "Still driving the Kenzie Lane"

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