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September 08, 2009


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Bill Trent

Dear Jim
I have never been a GM supporter. I guess that isn't true, I loved my 65 Olds with the caddy engine. I had a 65 Buick that wouldn't start if you threw a pail of water under it. I am looking at a Caddy CST and can't help but wonder if the GM people have changed their disposition towards their customers. My brother-in-laws wife's new buick caught fire shortly after taking delivery. Seems someone forgot to put a clamp on the gas line. The dealer displayed an attitude of he couldn't have cared less. The so what do you want me to do about it attitude. Are the GM dealers all the same? makes you think about buying one of their products.

Barry Morris

Your suggestion that the Yield sign replace the Stop sign in certain situations is too late for Toronto. Toronto appears gone one step further and change the meaning of Red to Yield for both Stop signs and Red lights.

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