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September 20, 2009


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Keith Tanner

Nice work, Brian and Jim! Congrats on the Trophy plate. That soaking wet last day with everyone on used tires sure shook things up right across the board and we sure appreciate the nightly updates.

We ran the RA1 instead of the R888 last year because I thought it would be better in deep water, it would be interesting to do a back-to-back test between the two in those sort of situations. Not that it matters for anyone but Targa racers, of course!


Outstanding! Congratulations.



Yep - Pardon the slight pun but they say admittance is the 'first stage' to recovery... I admit I was one of the looney folks standing in the rain at the Flatrock and Confed Bldg. prologues on Sunday, again standing in the rain on Monday near the start, out again during a drive 'around the bay' on Thursday and got seriously soaked in the rain again on Friday evening (Marine Drive stage) and of course as with years past, I'll do it all again next year regardless of the weather. My 6-year old daughter begged to be taken along with me to Targa events throughout the week and she had a "so awesome" time as a ride-along passenger on a spin around the crowd-favorite charity AutoX on Saturday as well.

On behalf of many people who haven't had the chance to say so - Thanks again for taking the time to sign autographs, recant interesting Targa experiences and be the super nice folks that you are.

I know it has been said before but Targa is the best show we have down here (and you know enough about Newfoundland to know we aren't afraid to have fun).

See you back here next September for Targa 2010. I'll be the one with the camera standing across from that red bridge shown above :)

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