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September 04, 2009


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ever been on the island of montreal? cyclists and cars get along just fine...and plenty of bike lanes...


I'm not sure where you are advocating that cyclists should ride. Along abandoned rail lines (and ones currently in use, like the West Toronto Railpath along the GO line) is fine, but there really aren't enough of them and they don't cover enough of the city. It makes more sense to ride on less busy streets if you want to get anywhere, but bike lanes should be built into major thoroughfares and separated from car traffic (as should transit, ideally).

Sure, Sheppard might have looked scary and have been grabbing onto Bryant's car. And he could have chosen to let go, of course. But I'm not sure that justifies Bryant's opting to get away from him by continuing to drive - on the WRONG side of the street (interesting behaviour for an attorney) - and using stationary objects to dislodge the guy. Would you find it understandable if he had done the same in an altercation with a similarly scary pedestrian?

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