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October 15, 2009


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Sean McConnell

I just got back to work from my lunch hour and was anxious to recite an interesting observation I made during the brief drive through town. Then I logged on and, coincidentally, this related topic popped up on my "Jim Kenzie" quick-link at the top of my browser.

Four Lanes (two in each direction) separated by a solid yellow line. I was following a few cars in the left lane, moving efficiently past cars in the right lane.

Suddenly, the left lane came to a sudden stop and I assumed someone was turning left ahead. But I sit high in my truck and could see the stopped car ahead had its RIGHT blinker on. It waited for the right lane to clear then shot across and stopped along the curb, now blocking that lane to traffic approaching from behind.

I looked over at the driver as I passed by and saw she was laughing away on her cell phone! I thought, WOW! Is this really what this new law has created? People figuring out NEW ways to be a hazard on the road, just so they can continue using that dang cell phone and obey the new law?

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