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October 30, 2009


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John Arnone

John was a bona fide legend in auto retailing in our city. It's sad that we've lost him; my condolences to his family.

John Arnone

David Irvine

Coxy was character and a great man. The last time I saw him was when I bumped into at Restaurant One in June as my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary. I told him I still have newspaper cuttings of his 'Cash or Barter for a Corniche' ad back in the eighties and the commotion it stirred up, with two stories in the Star and the Sun. He laughed. I scanned them and they are on the website Bentleyspotting for all to see.
I also recall when he left Grand Touring in the early nineties: He drove around for weeks in a little red Nissan Paseo - not his style at all...

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