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October 28, 2009


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Hey Jim, didn't know how to contact you regarding this, but I think you should take a look at this article...


Hope you write about it!

Mark Atkinson

Lights on in yesterday's non-stop rain would have been nice too.


I don't like adjusting the side mirrors so I can't see a little bit of the side of my own car. The reasons for this is that when backing up into small spaces I can see if I'm going to scrape the side of my car, when pulling out from parking on the street (along with checking over my shoulder) I get a decent look down the street. Also if the mirror is knocked (during a car wash, someone knocks it in a parking lot etc) then I immediately know, if you don't have a static point of reference (i.e. the side of your car) how do you know if your mirror has been moved and where exactly you are looking?

Why are curved mirrors not allowed over here? Every car I've driven in Europe for at least the last decade has had a curved section on the outside of at least the drivers side mirror (indicated by a line so you know where the curve starts) that elimintaes the blind spot.


I read your recommended method of setting up rear view mirrors in the Star in about '92. I have always used it since, and it has saved me a lot of "exorcist" grade shoulder checks, which momentarily takes your eyes off the road.

Basically, park the vehicle, focus on an object in the rear of the vehicle, and then set the two side mirrors so as to remove redundancy.

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