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October 13, 2009


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John B

Speaking of tiny European police cars, this one always makes me laugh http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/4102012.jpg

(Heartbeat on TVO)

David White

BRILLIANT! An Aussie produced rear driver to replace the Crown Vic! The tail is wagging the Police dog again. The crash rate for Police Crown Vics is off the charts because we have winter in this country with ice and snow. How many new Police Officers have any experience driving large, heavy, rear drive vehicles?
Not many and as a result the crash damage adds up year after year. And who pays for it...the tax payers as most Police forces do not carry collision coverage. As an ex veteran cop who just happens to have racing car experience, I cannot think of any responsible employer who would give their employees this type of vehicle. The number one cause of death for any cop is motor vehicle collision.
So here we have the Ford St Thomas plant closing down in 2011 due to the long overdue death of the Crown Vic and would it not make sense to produce a new HYBRID Police vehicle with Canadian labour? Our guys and girls in blue deserve a modern, safe, ESC equipped, fuel efficient and user friendly Police vehicle to do their job. Come on Jim, get on board.


this could be a great opportunity for GM and Holden to keep a great car on the roads, and with popularity of a police version, only time will tell how long until a new Caprice will hit the streets for civilian use (Caprice SS anyone?)

Only problem with NY Taxi's IIRC is that they all have to be Hybrid by sometime in the early 201X's?


Hi John:

There's one ex-cop now living in Muskoka I think - "Tom the Cop" who would love this shot - he used to race an Anglia 105E, and very successfully as well.



Hi David:

I know all about your racing experience!

Also, all cops at least in Ontario do get some training by our old pal Don McKnight at the Aylmer Police College.

Rear-drive does not necessarily mean poor handling (as all your race cars and those of your son Matt would attest!).

I don't know this for a fact but I bet those Aussie Holdens do have ESC, something we both totally agree on.

I can't see any hybrid being useful as a Police car - too heavy, not enough room for the officers (they do like to be big, bullet-proof vests et al) not to mention all the gear.

Plus they are too expensive to buy - YOUR tax dollars at work?

As for Canadian-built? We have a long way to go there.



John Frewen-Lord

Ah, the 105E Anglia. Slightly off topic I know, but I had one, in the mid 60s (last car I had before emigrating to Canada). Mine was the exact same colour (except of course for the white doors). It actually was a great little car (and yes, by today's standards, it was small). It even took 4 of us, complete with a trunk AND roof rack full of camping gear, all the way from mid England to Yugoslavia (as it was then), via Germany and Austria. How we got all of us in/on the poor car, I don't know! It certainly had a hard life all the time I had it (I only ever knew one position for the right foot - flat to the floor), yet it never let me down in over 120,000 km.


Hi Jim,
This may be the police car of the future, www.carbonmotors.com


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