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November 17, 2009


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Dario "DjDATZ" Zgrablic

*sigh* I still can't comprehend that people don't want to understand that seat belts SAVE LIVES. Unlike those idiotic speeding slogans ("Speeding kills"), the seat belt ones are actually true. I mean, isn't it more important to still have your life rather than being comfortable? Apparently, not to some people.

More personally, I feel naked in a car if I don't have a seat belt on. It actually feels like I'm missing clothes on my body. Even if I have to pull a car out of the garage, I have consciously remind myself that I don't need a seat belt. And still then I sometimes put it on without noticing.

I'm glad we live in Canada, but still, I wish the minister of transportation would be someone that actually uses it... without just being driven around.

Rohit Scott

Hey Jim,

Very true. I have also often noticed errors such as those on TV shows. I want to yell out and hope they can hear me tell them that they are not pointing out blatantly obvious yet important information.

Anyway, thought you might like this. Saw a picture of you on Autoblog. I thought it was cool.


I'm sure you know about the site, but it's one of my daily web visits.

Rohit Scott

Oh, more importantly, how was the experience on that mobility device? I'm sure you will share that at some point, here or on Saturday.

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