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December 13, 2009


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Michael Peter

Thank you very much for answering a few questions that came to mind, when I saw the announcement that VW would buy into Suzuki. I hope they will take Alfa Romeo and restore it to what it used to be - remember the Giulia Super or the 2000 GT Veloce? While they are at it, why not "liberate" Lancia and Ferrari. I could never understand that nobody complained about such famous names being inhaled by one of the cheapest car manufacturers in Europe. Don't get me wrong - there's a lot a VERY NICE Fiat cars out there - and I have owned a few of them, that were remarkable, in their days! My first Fiat was a 125 S, in the mid 60's with DOHC engine, 4 wheel disc brakes and 5 speed transmission. It was followed by a 2300 S and that one was followed by a 130 Coupe. All of these cars were reasonably inexpensive, not very high maintenance and good looking daily drivers with a lot of personality. And a lot of rust.......... If VW applied their knowledge about body preservation - I drove a number of Audis, none of them rusted away on me - and combines that knowledge with the "care free, boyish charm" of Alfa Romeo or Fiat, they would have a serious contender in the market on hand. Aside from the fact that both manufacturers offer a Diesel powered car in their program (with a name like Alfa Romeo that needs to sink in.......)

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