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January 26, 2010


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Jim, what do you think is the cause of all the pedestrian deaths? I think it has something to do with the mild weather that we've been having. It gives us the sense that we can drive like it's summer even though it is still dark during rush hour. Plus pedestrians are less inclined to stay inside.


However, there are more walkers in Montreal than in Toronto. So a more relevant statistic would be pedestrian deaths per 100,000 walkers.


Hey Jim,
As both a pedestrian and driver, I find that if the pedestrian crosses behind the first car turning right, it makes it safer for the both of us. I almost hit someone a couple times (early morning not entirely awake) because I neglected to look right after checking the cars on the left. Skip the first car, and avoid getting run over. I cross the road that way now, since I drive.

By the way, have been reading this blog for a long time now, usually agreeing with you. I think its time for action!

Vince Choi

In Calgary, pedestrians get the right of way. Not in Toronto. Drivers assign all responsibility to the pedestrians, thinking- as long as they look then I won't hit them.

In Calgary, drivers have to watch and look and stop for the pedestrians. This is the only, and the best way to prevent car vs pedestrian collisions.

As I drive both in Ontario and in Alberta, I can feel the neglect on the driver's part in terms of the attitude toward pedestrian safety. In Calgary, when a car meets a person, by law, the car loses.

Here its, 'well, the light was green over there, red here and the car was turning right...blah blah..' non sense.


As a Vancouver resident, I have to question the claim that "NOBODY drives in Vancouver." The real difference between Vancouver and other cities? You can walk comfortably twelve months of the year in Vancouver. That's bound to skew the results.

Frustrate Driver

Doesn't it make sense to have a bus stop after a traffic light instead of the stop at the corner before the light?

This will help because:

1. - The bus driver doesn't need to hurry to pass the amber light after picking up passengers.

2. - Pedestrians don't need to run in front of the bus after getting off to catch another bus on the opposite side.

3. - The vehicle driver wanting to turn right on the red can see everything at the corner where he/she wants to turn.

4. - The right turn driver doesn't need to cut in front of the stopped bus at the traffic light for a right turn.

Jim Kenzie

Hi "Frustrated":

These all seem like perfectly reasonable arguments to me.

Wonder if the TTC is reading??


Jim Kenzie


As with most things which appear to be statistical aberrations, I suspect there are a number of things going on simultaneously w/r/t pedestrian deaths.

There is always an element of randomness in any set of statistics. It may be no more than that.

Local 'out-of-character' weather may indeed be a factor. Like the Vancouverite noted a few comments ago, the greater number of people who walk and the longer distances they walk - and in nicer weather - the more opportunities exist.

I also do not know whether "one-a-day" is really that far from the norm. Maybe this current spate of deaths is simply reminding us how dangerous walking really is!

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