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January 29, 2010


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John Frewen-Lord

Hi Jim:

"As appropriate, apply the brakes, flick on the four-way flashers....."

Only works of course for vehicles that have separate turn signals (hopefully amber) and brake lights. Another reason to ban the combined brake lights and turn signals permitted in North America but hardly anywhere else.

Chris S

Don't panic...
Steer first...
Are you kidding? You are talking to Ontario driver's who need nothing more than 20 minutes of good fortune to get a licence. You don't think these under trained, non skilled drivers will not panic? Get real.
Brakes, get rid of the speed, neutral, steer, ignition....panic all you want because if you need to be reading this to know the answers then you will panic.

Cindy Smith of Education for the Driving Masses

And a further look ...

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