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January 20, 2010


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Timothy Thorson

hilarious! I think you're onto something, Jim!

Mike T.

No I don't have any answer to your observation Jim. We have a 401 phenomenon down here - the dreaded Drumbo Curve at Drumbo Road exit area. It seems that hardly anyone can get around this curve without causing a pile-up. You and I are rare exceptions Jim. There's more pileups here than all the other spots on the 401 combined. It must be the mysterious pull of the infamous local Benwell Swamp 5km to the south (Google it!) Yeah that's it.

Glenn Elliott

The Bermuda triangle includes a lot of undersea limestone left there by the Yucatan meteor impact some 65 million years ago. There is a theory that this limestone contains vast pockets of carbon dioxide which is occasionally released causing airplane engines to stall and boats to lose their buoyancy. Whether we know why certain places are dangerous or not, common sense should lead us to avoid them! Jay walking is risky and should be done with increased awareness. I was called a bad name by two young "ladies" who were crossing against a light. I asked them "What's red mean?". Get eye contact before you step out in front of a vehicle - it's not worth dying for.

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