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February 27, 2010


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JR Jake

'Tweet/Text' is their a difference? I'm happy with my gmail and Facebook. I gave up on My Space awhile back. You can thank one of your country woman's friends for that. But than again if you really want to get it right, call someone on the phone. There is still nothing like the sound of a voice, even if it is angry.


Ontario should just mandate winter tire usage just like how Quebec has, and since Fantino is in charge, they should be able to impound the vehicle on the spot and give a tickets (minimum $500-$1000 as that would teach you a lesson) for not having proper winter tires on and that the car will not be released until winter tires are put on.

How much more cash does it cost to have winter tires? In the end, while saving tread on my all-seasons... an extra $200 in change plus mounting and balancing?

Spending the money on winter tires is a lot better than having a collision, going to physiotherapy and potentially writing-off your car. Once you try them, you'll never go back.

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